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Wilderology – Okarito Kiwi

By August 21, 2021animation

Journey across the world with Dr. Edmun G. Witz, as he seeks out rare and unusual species with his team of biology science experts in Wilderology.

Off to New Zealand, Dr. Witz searches out and documents facts on the Okarito Kiwi. With only 400 in number, these flightless birds mate up for life. Their habitat is exclusive to a small region on the west coast of New Zealand. Their main food source is earthworms, beetle larvae, and other crawly bugs that live on the forest floor.

The Okarito Kiwi is an endangered species, and their numbers are threatened by loss of habitat and unnaturally introduced predators such as stoats, possums, cats and dogs.

Wilderology is another inspirational and educational program developed by Critical Fusion, and conceived by Perry Shulak. We look forward to building on this brand, which will include books, other educational resources, and a preschools TV series.

If you think climate change is scary, species deprivation is at its worst within the entire human era. Loss of diversification in animals world-wide has been classified as the next mass-extinction event, and all of it was perpetrated by human kind. Since the entry of people into North America about 12,000 years ago, all large fauna such as the woolly mammoth, cave bear, giant armadillos, North American camels, and many other animals went extinct. It’s time that we teach our children to show much greater respect for all the other animals that share the land, because their survival is critical to the continued existence of humanity.