Wilderology – Okarito Kiwi

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Journey across the world with Dr. Edmun G. Witz, as he seeks out rare and unusual species with his team of biology science experts in Wilderology.

Off to New Zealand, Dr. Witz searches out and documents facts on the Okarito Kiwi. With only 400 in number, these flightless birds mate up for life. Their habitat is exclusive to a small region on the west coast of New Zealand. Their main food source is earthworms, beetle larvae, and other crawly bugs that live on the forest floor.

The Okarito Kiwi is an endangered species, and their numbers are threatened by loss of habitat and unnaturally introduced predators such as stoats, possums, cats and dogs.

Wilderology is another inspirational and educational program developed by Critical Fusion, and conceived by Perry Shulak. We look forward to building on this brand, which will include books, other educational resources, and a preschools TV series.

If you think climate change is scary, species deprivation is at its worst within the entire human era. Loss of diversification in animals world-wide has been classified as the next mass-extinction event, and all of it was perpetrated by human kind. Since the entry of people into North America about 12,000 years ago, all large fauna such as the woolly mammoth, cave bear, giant armadillos, North American camels, and many other animals went extinct. It’s time that we teach our children to show much greater respect for all the other animals that share the land, because their survival is critical to the continued existence of humanity.

Animation – from idea to realization

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All animated projects begin as an idea wrapped around a broader outcome that extends beyond just the written word and images. It’s about looking at the current world we inhabit, and formulating trends that lead to realities that mirror human perspectives. “SPACED” explores a future what if, and congeals  it into a fantastical world populated by personalities that drive the story. Even though this story involves a stylized fictional character, his experiences are very human and very real. They take us on a journey that is consumable, and since it’s animated, we can believe that the life they live and the decisions they make have consequences… in their world anyways.

Machine Learning

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Machine Learning to Animation

Machine learning is an evolving technology that is finding its way into all facets of business and society. Even though it is largely buried in technology and devices, it’s opening up efficiencies and discoveries that are leading the way in how most “humans” in modern society go about their daily lives. Most of the effort undertaken by machine learning artificially intelligent models happens in the digital realm outside the observation of the most technically literate. Born in a lab like a biotic microorganism, it is designed to learn and grow. All a.i. systems assembled today have limits; simple they are, directed to perform predictable tasks, but this is only the beginning.

The past while I have scaled the realm of machine learning, wrapping my ideals around the what if and what for of the technology as it’s potential extends to something else. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is not a current creation; it’s been in development for twenty years. Only now has it grown to be adaptable and useful thanks to the massive quantity of data that is available and the tools to process it. As I continue down the path to build a story, I expect that there will be many more revelations to be had and revealed. The project Intelligent Machine, will be an immersive dome animation production that will explore a biotic data model and it’s journey to becoming sentient. As the writer and creator of the “GERI” model, working with the Alberta Machine Learning Institute, its’ my imperative to craft a life worth living as “GERI” charts a path through the history of the technology leading up to an uncertain outcome.

Envisioning a history of Tyrannosaurus rex

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Digging Up Dinosaurs

Over the past while, I have been creating a vision of the past and the events that had transpired from 250 million years ago up to 66 million years ago. The focus is on Tyrannosaurids, a species that has evolved and taken on many forms leading up to the largest and meanest family member, the Tyrannosaurus rex. There were many variations of the species beginning with a small sprout of a chicken sized animal. It eventually became a massive beast with jaws ringed with crushing teeth that was design to consume all other living dinosaurs.

Every year, new fossils are discovered that expand what we know of the various dinosaurs that roamed across North America. These fossils take time to recover, relieve them of sediment, and analyze the bones to determine how they fit into the history of all things dinosaur.

Above is a shot of Scott Persons, known Paleontologist who sunk his teeth into the profession at the University of Alberta. We did full 360 test video at Dinosaur Provincial Park, where we discovered a hadrosaur bone that was munched on by T-Rex himself. Alberta is known as dinosaur country, and we have an extensive reserve of fossils, making it rich territory to study long gone species of the Cretaceous era.

The final production will be an immersive 360 dome production, immersing audiences into the chaotic world of battling dinosaurs.

In Productions

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We are in production on the immersive animation production, Misiwê âskiy. It will be developed with the Telus World of Science. A great opportunity for us and for Edmonton, because it provides us with a bridge to developing original animation production for an exclusive and unique format. Unlike typical animation or video, we have to focus on the full 360 experience. It’s not a square box, but in wraps around and above the audience, immersing them in an environment.

Combined with having to deliver a full environmental experience, most of the assets will be assembled in CG, which involves modeled, rigged and animated 3D characters. To streamline the process, we will be employing cell shaders, sketch and toon effect filter in Cinema4D, to give the presentation a astronomical spirit world sensibility. The intent is to capture the visual language of the culture, and tradition and put it up there on the dome. Our main character that embodies the theme of the stories is Ocek, which is Cree for Fisher – shown below.

Misiwê âskiy, the title of the production is Cree that refers to everything all over the Earth, and in extended descriptives, all over the Universe. There are many interpretations on traditional term and languages, Cree alone has five dialects across Canada. For this production, any language use needs to capture and frame the language in its best possible intent. There is immense history, wisdom and tradition embodied in the history of First Nations all across Canada. Our production only covers a sliver, on stories derived from the constellations.