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On the continent of North America, a great ongoing battle would rage across the land. Great beasts would pit horns and armor against claws and teeth, and it would lead to the end of one or the other. In 1996, evidence of these battles were found in the one of these mighty combatant’s bones, a Tyrannosaurus rex named Scotty. Deep within it’s fractured remains resides clues that tells a story of an animal’s efforts to thrive in an ever hostile cretaceous landscape, 66 million years ago.

But it doesn’t begin with this one dinosaur, it is a generational story that spans 165 million years.

250 million years ago, A small insignificant animal appears. Its tracks, captured in the mud flats of Poland, provides firm evidence of the origin of dinosaurs. That animal, the Prorotodactylus will be the blueprint for all primal life that follows thereafter. Many variations of dinosaurs appear, and some of them, including the tyrannosaurs, find their way to North America. Once there, they evolve and take over the land, and a tyrant king is crowned. Scotty, the Tyrannosaurus rex would lend its heritage to this ongoing war between predator and prey, taking on all challenges including the indomitable, and well armored, Triceratops.

It’s the 22nd century, and human ingenuity and technology was launched into orbit and across the galaxy. Then the efforts that lead to space exploration success resulted in the withdrawal of humans from the frontier they strived to conquer.

Remaining behind, in the settling dust of the moon, are a motley crew of junkyard dogs that were originally brought up to serve. They must now run operations at Intergalactic Salvage Command, a facility designed to salvage orbital junk and process space dirt. Leading the team is Commander Apollo, a genetically enhanced Corgi, who unexpectedly must take up the responsibility of ensuring the survival of his team and the ongoing upkeep of the base.

Added to this ongoing effort to science ongoing solutions that keeps their rockets primed, an unexpected emissary appears that threatens the very existence of Earth. From the Artemis Gateway to the Webb Space Telescope, the unwelcome prospectors multiply exponentially. The only line of defence to halt this invasion is the dogs of Intergalactic Salvage Command, who now, must weave together a collective effort to ensure there is a future for all humanity.