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Building a Better Animated Explainer Video

Success with communicating through animated explainer videos come from having a definitive plan during development, and a focused outcome once the production is posted. It’s more than just blasting out preformed content on Youtube, because distribution channels are saturated and expectations are high. 
  1. First off, don’t pitch. Your audience expects a story. Create an arch from beginning to end that layers in facts, and gives your delivery heart and intent. Everyone is a sucker for an honestly delivered very human story.
  2. Plan to brand. Your unique identity, vision of your business or practice, should be reflected in the style and approach of your presentation. Canned styles results in normalization, and this limits your capacity to stand out.
  3. If you are teaching, reveal information in a clear step-by-step progression that takes your audience to a resounding conclusion. Anchoring content with rationale reason why provides purpose, ensures retention, and results in action.
  4. Always remain clear about your primary objective, and reason for creating an online animated explainer video. Excessive information and poor content structure will drown out or distract from your primary intent. If the content doesn’t fit or align with your intended goal, throw it out. Even if it seems critical initially, you have limited time to capture your audience and deliver your intended message.
  5. Dialogue and script reigns absolutely. A solid script drives the entire production from beginning to end. Use dialogue wisely along with strong yet flexible narration, because it is the confidence in the voice and words that instills believability.
  6. Most importantly, have fun. This is where creativity pays off in spades. If you are not willing to take off your gloves and explore a little, you are missing out on grand opportunities. A well-delivered story can result in positive change on how you and your business is viewed industry-wide.
  7. To bring it all together, drop us a line. We are Critical Fusion and we craft creative solutions for digital media. We can do you right when it comes to building better-animated explainer videos.

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