Critical Fusion bridges design with smart creative

Strong creative solutions are the foundation of any communication strategy, if it’s for print media, eLearning or video. At Critical Fusion, we gather all the details related to your story, and formulate a strategy that best explains the underlying intent and message. We work with you to decide the best delivery options available that are within your budget,┬áso that we can┬ápackage a production that will serve your needs. We have multiple tools at our disposal. For animation, we deliver solutions in either tradition 2D format, or CG (3D). Or if it’s print, video or an interactive project that effectively transfers your message to its intended audience, we can do that too. Then we follow up to ensure that you are getting the intended results, and provide additional support for maintenance and updating. Critical Fusion is creative for digital media.

Explainer Videos with Animation and Motion Graphics

Video exposure can be one of your best tools to draw business. With animated videos, we can break down complex ideas, and bring clarity to your message. We can implement both 2D and 3D elements depending on your needs.


Either as a stand alone application or inserted within and LMS system, we create captivating experiences complemented with rich visual media. We can build complex solutions that are instructional step-by-step CG VR experiences, or simple direct delivered solutions for OHS compliance using 2D visuals. We craft solutions that cater to a diversity of needs.

Visual Effects and Animation

We provide full CG animation and effects for film, broadcast and cultural video productions. From initial concept, storyboarding with either full CG or traditional 2D animation.

Print Media Design

With over 20 years experience in media design, we bring qualitative results to visually dynamic print solutions. Print design includes branding, brochures, books and reports.

To request an estimate on a project or if you just want to talk about your media needs, fill out your information to get in touch with us.

Providing animated media solutions for whiteboard format, motion graphics and visual effect/identities